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High Street St shops and businesses. Dunkeld

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Town Information

Dunkeld & Birnam are on the A9 between Perth and Pitlochry. The 2 villages span the River Tay and are quieter and with fewer shops than Pitlochry. The main shops are actually on Atholl Street (shown above); the High Street is just off to one side but only has a few businesses amongst the many private houses. Dunkeld & Birnam lie in the heart of Perthshire's Big Tree Country, some of the best woodlands in Britain.

During the Battle of Dunkeld in 1689 the village was burnt to the ground and the houses had to be rebuilt. They were known as the Little Houses of Dunkeld and were restored in the 1950s. Now in the care of the National Trust, most are occupied but at the head of the High Street is one known as the Ell Shop, after the original measure for cloth, that is open to visitors. Historic pictures of Dunkeld and Birnam can be found on Purplenewt's site.

The other side of the River Tay is the village of Birnam. Birnam was the holiday destination for Beatrix Potter as a child and much of her inspiration is said to come from those times. There is an exhibition and garden dedicated to Beatrix Potter in the village.

The Ronald P A Smith Street Maps web site has further useful information about Dunkeld.
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