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High Street St shops and businesses. Thurso

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Town Information

Thurso has a history dating back to Viking Times when Thurso was known as the gateway to Scotland. The town is the most northerly on mainland Britain and its harbour nestles in the sheltered and picturesque Thurso Bay. In recent years the area has become well known to the windsurfing community with the O'Neill Highland Open, a world qualifying event, now an annual fixture.

Sixteen miles from Thurso, on the road to John O'Groats, is The Castle of Mey. This castle was built in the late 16th century and bought by the Queen Mother in 1952. She restored it and it became her summer home until she died; leaving the Castle of Mey in Trust to benefit the local community.

The Castle is just 6 miles from the accepted northerly tip of the UK mainland, John O'Groats. And if you have travelled this far North, you will probably want to visit Wick too.

The Ronald P A Smith Street Maps web site has further useful information about Thurso.

There is also a link to Thurso on the Caithness Community web site.

Shops & Map

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Sinclair Street

Princes Street
Sir George's Street
Paterson's Lane
St John's Square
Robertson's Lane
Davidson's Lane
Paterson's Lane
Robertson's Lane
Davidson's Lane